Spinal Adjusting Center

What to Expect

What should you expect on a visit to the Spinal Adjusting Center?

No appointment necessary
We ask that you sign in, and we try to take you in the order in which you have registered. If there is a wait then you may sign in, leave to run errands, and return for your adjustment without losing your turn.

The ability to come in and be adjusted when you need to--and not at another person's convenience--is a service that we offer. We believe that you should have the opportunity to receive an adjustment when you want or need to be adjusted.

New patients are asked to place a check mark after their name to alert the receptionist that they have never been a patient in this office. A new patient form will need to be completed.

How Much?

We are excited about the unique concept of health care that is offered at the Spinal Adjusting Center. To allow patients to come in and be adjusted on a regular basis, we pioneered the low fee concept of chiropractic care. We have based our office visit on an affordable fee for all. Our fee is one half to one fourth of what most health care professionals charge. When a fee increase is necessary, we use the current cost of living index to determine the increase. The Spinal Adjusting Center operates on a pay as you go basis.


There is no charge for necessary spinal x-rays, but these x-rays remain our property. We do not transfer them to other practitioners or give them to you since you are not charged for them. This is simply a service we offer our patients.

What about insurance?

We do not accept assignment from insurance companies. We operate on a pay as you go basis. We will fill out forms and prepare itemized statements or receipts for your insurance company so that you may be reimbursed. There may be a fee for this service.

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